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Hey everyone, this is my (Royal’s) new blog. Here, I’ll post a bunch of weird stuff that I think about, thoughts on life in general, short stories (maybe?) and any new content I decide upon 😀 I’m hoping to keep this formalish (oops 😛 ) and more general than my other blog (email to find details if I know you). You can find out more about me in the About Me section (whoa, surprising, I know). I’ll post when I feel like it, which may be daily during breaks or biweekly during busy schooldays, or anywhere in between. I really hope I don’t post less than monthly, but we’ll see. I’m not sure what kind of people will be reading this blog, probably not a lot so it won’t matter much :/ We’ll see where I’ll take this blog, so, uh, bye?

Thanks for reading!



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