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So some of you know that I like doing competition math, although I’m not particularly good at it. I know I’m not a great writer either, but I do believe that the following piece I wrote to commemorate my 2000th post on the Art of Problem Solving website represents my views of Mathematics. Enjoy!


Mathematics. The purest form of beauty. Mathematicians. The explorers and pioneers of this mysterious yet amazing new front. Despite the fact that the prestigious ranks of Mathematicians around the globe are many, even they will not find every area of Mathematics, solve every problem, prove everything there is to prove. If even the best pathfinders of our race will never be able to discover the limits and boundaries of Mathematics, why do I, a fairly average human being, do Math?

Math offers the satisfaction of surviving a difficult workout, and encompasses the joy only found after figuring out a difficult question. I do Math because of the feeling of power when one discovers a particularly elegant way of solving a problem, and the pleasure of being able to teach others the wonders of Mathematics. I get to connect and share with other Mathematicians around the world and get to know others with similar interests. I do Math for the thrill of the competition, and the accomplishment of getting a high score. And finally, it is those rare glimpses of the true form of Mathematics, seen through tiny loopholes in Mathematical problems and found in the myriad of solutions, that make everything I do worth it.

Mathematics is infinite. There are no limits, as far as our current knowledge of this unpredictable yet extraordinary world is concerned. The meager knowledge of humans cannot even hope to one day contain the entirety of Mathematics; our discoveries only scratch the surface of such a universe. It is to recognize Mathematics as the higher entity it is that I do Math.

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2 comments on “Mathematics

  1. Howie Guo
    January 20, 2015

    Nice writing and insight. 😀


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