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Why I write this blog

There have been some who have asked me why I even write a blog. Obviously, I’m not a good writer, so why do I even bother putting my writing out on the internet?

Well, my first reason is the most general, and is probably common to most bloggers around the world: I can freely express myself on here. It’s not a school assignment or some other piece of writing commissioned by someone, so there are no restrictions on what I must not write about. While I never would blatantly badmouth someone, this would be a place where I could do something like that. Even though I probably won’t be using it for political purposes or advertising, that is also a possible path my blog could take. I do hope that I am able to remain mostly objective in my future posts though.

This brings me to my second point: I can write about what I want to. Most of my writing before I started this blog were about things I were forced to write about, which lowered the quality of my work drastically. If I really want to write about something, I will actually put forth an effort while writing it, unlike the countless tedious papers I’ve written just to get a grade in school. I’m not saying that everything I write on here is perfect, but most of my posts are better than what I’ve written in the past.

Throughout my many years of writing practically useless material about topics I have no interest in, my writing skills are not at the level I’d like them to be at. I can hone these skills somewhat here, especially given the innumerable topics I could discuss. For now, I’m only posting analyses and more analytic material, but that may, and probably will, change in the future when I expand my writing horizons.

I also love to share. My blog is a place where I can do just that without coming off as egocentric or bothersome. Sometimes, when I’m bored, my mind can go on weird tangents that can actually be quite interesting, depending on the context. Writing also gives me a chance to change what I originally intended to say, so it’s more clear and thus easier to understand.

Before starting this blog, I’ve maintained, and still am writing on, a more personal blog, which I may share at a later date. The reason I started this blog here is because wordpress is a lot more formal and credible than the site my first blog is hosted on, in terms of blogs. I also wanted to start out on a clean slate, without many of my rather immature posts when I was younger from a while ago. I’m hoping that I won’t be able to say that about posts like this in 3 years, but that remains to be seen.

The first time I got an idea for writing on a new blog was when one of my friends from my other site started his blog here,  which basically his blog on the other site. He’s a really good musician and the blog is, I quote, “an exploration of the obscure ends of classical music.” Just that sentence should be enough incentive to check it out. (Also, him being an “average classical music fan” is an understatement)

Later on, I came upon the blog of one of my friends sister’s. She’s a very good writer, and I highly recommend reading some of her posts. I’ve “liked” a few that I especially enjoy. This blog was the one that pushed me over the indecision edge and influenced me to make a blog on WordPress.

So, to all those that wonder why I have this address, I hope I’ve answered it today. And the writing I post/will post? Well…I think I know what I’m doing.

Don’t doubt me.


Thanks, really and truly, for reading. (Without readers, it doesn’t matter what reasons I have for writing, there would be no point in maintaining a blog.)


And to those asking about my username/across-the-internet screen name, I’ll make a post about that soon 😛

Also, welcome users from the hosting site of my other blog. Thanks for coming here. Now you know what I do in my spare time 🙂


4 comments on “Why I write this blog

  1. Jason
    February 23, 2015

    1000th Viewer? (1000th view more like, I probably viewed this like 40 times :P)



    • royalreter
      February 23, 2015

      Thanks! (I think 1000th view of the year, total 253 viewers)


      • jazzyblazerDaLiuLo
        February 24, 2015

        nice job royal!


  2. royalreter
    March 2, 2015

    So I was browsing some blogs recently and I found this post:
    I think it really captures the essence of my blog: Although I may fail in this adventure, at least I’ll go down knowing that I tried my best without relying on others.


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