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“So wake me up when it’s all over///When I’m wiser and I’m older” – Avicii

^Me when my mom wakes me up for school. – A Youtube Commentor.

Ahhh… Sleep. The glorious feeling of painlessness, the gateway to dreams, where anything can happen. Sleep is more valuable than money, more beautiful than a chocolate bar. There are so many aspects of sleep I could discuss, but since I’m slightly pressed for time right now (see footnote), I’ll just discuss one facet of human beings’ other nature.

Why don’t we (or, more specifically, I) appreciate the necessity of sleeping at night?

In the morning, I definitely feel the losses as I try to pull myself out of bed, but, even knowing this, I’m fine with staying up several hours after I should be in bed. I’ve never been a good morning person at getting up, even after 8+ hours of sleep, it takes quite a while before I finally motivate myself enough to roll out of bed.

At night though, I can be not doing anything especially productive for an hour before finally going upstairs and not feel terribly guilty about it. Sometimes, after glancing at my computer clock, I think to myself, I really should be getting ready for bed, and then subsequently, nah, another 5 minutes of watching Youtube videos wouldn’t hurt. I mean, they’re educational, right? A few hours later, I’ll wish that I could yell at my night self for learning useless facts about the British Empire when he should’ve been sleeping.

It may be in my nature as more of a night owl, as I am more accustomed to and am better at doing work later rather than earlier (both in terms of time of day and relative time-morning/night and 12 hours before its due/12 minutes before its due) that these symptoms happen to me. I feel like all the super-productive people I know just aren’t physically able to stay up much longer past their standard bedtime, but are able to wake up 2 hours earlier than I do and get right to doing useful stuff. I attempt to justify the way I do things as opposed to these people by telling myself that I don’t know how long an assignment is going to take me, so it’s safer to do things when I have more time before its due. I still end up not finishing my work before I go to sleep sometimes.

Perhaps I should try to activate myself earlier in the day so I’ll be productive earlier on and be unable to function later, but as of now, that goal seems very far off. There’s like a “magic hour” for me where I can get anything done during this time, but anytime before or after I’ll be too tired to do much. Maybe over the summer I’ll try to expand this “magic hour” to a “magic 2 hours” and 3 hours and so on until I can get a “magic day.” That’s assuming that I’m able to even get a magic hour during the summer :/ I guess we’ll see.

To all of you uncorrupted children out there: don’t break your sleeping schedule, or you’ll become like me.

Thanks for reading,


Sorry for this rather unorganized post, my mind’s rather discombobulated right now :/ Also, I may or may not post for the next two weeks as I have some pretty important events these next weekends so much of my time will be devoted towards the preparation for the competitions, not sleep, and even less so, this blog. Sorry 😦

R.I.P SPOCK (Kind of inside joke with someone, but seriously, Leonard Nimoy, thank you for all of your contributions to society.)


4 comments on “Sl-Zzz

  1. Jason
    March 1, 2015

    I can connect 😛 at night I always think “I’m not that tired, I’ll stay up a bit longer” then in the morning I have a revelation: “I need to go to sleep 30 min earlier”… rinse and repeat 😀


  2. Ann Zhao
    March 1, 2015

    For some reason I can lose an hour of sleep and I’ll still wake up bright and chipper, ready to go in the morning. Like as soon as I wake up on school days I hop out of bed, with no time to lose. Therefore I can wake up at 6:45 with my bus getting to my house half an hour later, no consequences.


  3. Max
    March 1, 2015

    *organizes Royal’s mind* There. That’s a lot better. Good post. Sleeping is the babe.


  4. Allen
    March 9, 2015

    Why would you wake up at 6:45 thats too early


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