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This page, previously known as More Info, will serve as my most direct form of communication with my readers on this blog. I’ll periodically (if I remember) add and change stuff on here, probably around once a week if I haven’t been posting. What I put on here will likely be more disconnected and random and more pertinent to my personal life than my posts. I also may or may not add some posts from my personal blog on here.

So I think I’ve decided that I’ll probably be posting more Analysis-related stuff on this blog. Most of it probably has been thought of by others, but since my writings will be completely (re?)discovered by myself without seeing other’s thoughts, I feel that it’s worthwhile to post here. If you do not wish to read my findings, feel free not to come back. If you do wish to continue reading, you can subscribe to get email updates (bottom right corner). Also, if there’s something you want me to think about and perhaps make a post about, shoot me an email. I may or may not write about the subject though, so please don’t be disappointed or think I’m picking on you if I reject the idea.

Thanks for reading,



Current things on my mind:

Combinatorics, Running, Bioengineering, Optics

Things I’ve been up to recently:

Volunteering, violining, running, reading, sleeping

Last updated July 14, 2016 5:00 PM UTC-5


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