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Since I’m on the internet in nearly all of my free time, I thought I’d post some links to the sites that I generally like and ones that my wonderful readers may like too (although you guys probably know most of these).


Ramblings Amazing writing.

Xkcd These posts are simply amazing. Randall Munroe uses real physics to solve seemingly-absurd questions. (Beware: There is lots of math involved, although understanding it is generally optional.)

Math With Bad Drawings Interesting insights on Math with drawings 😛

Visualizing Math Lots of pictures that capture the essence of mathematics. May be too abstract for some (like me).

Wrong Hands Surprisingly f(p)unny cartoons on a variety of topics; certain ones have been featured in recent TIME magazine issues.

Farnam Street The amount of content on this blog never ceases to amaze me. Here’s the writer’s about page. Don’t try to read all the posts 😛

The Hustle Technically not a blog but lots of short, informative articles that are kinda like blog posts.

Wait But Why Lots of cool fun stuff with “new post every sometimes.”

Youtube Channels

Kurt Hugo Schneider This guy’s a pianist but he sings sometimes and does collabs on covers with others.

vlogbrothers John and Hank Green talk about stuff.

CrashCourse There are a lot of really nice courses on here that are supposedly college level, although really they break it down so its really understandable.

AsapSCIENCE The videos they have really explain a lot with science. The AsapTHOUGHT sister channel is also pretty interesting.

CGP Grey CGP Grey explains a lot of “stuff.”

Minute Physics Minute Physics explains some concepts in physics very succinctly. It’s sister channel Minute Earth is also pretty interesting.

There’s probably a lot of other stuff I’m missing so I’ll be adding more later 😛 If there are any broken links or you have any suggestions for other internet sites, please comment. (Also, if you would like to see my reading list (recommended books and maybe books I’m preparing to read soon), please comment below.)


2 comments on “Internets :3

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  2. Ann
    March 8, 2015

    Yes, yes, books! I’m always looking for books to read!


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